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If you are facing criminal traffic charges for driving under the influence of marijuana you need the best Skagit County attorney by your side.  Skagit County marijuana DUI attorney David N. Jolly is the author of the award winning Drug DUI Handbook and the Marijuana DUI Handbook. No other Washington State attorney has authored a book specifically on drug DUIs and therefore no other attorney is as well qualified to defend you in court. Mr. Jolly and the other lawyers at the Firm understand what specific defense strategies work in defending these drug DUI cases. You can trust that Mr. Jolly and the other lawyers at the Firm will do everything possible to fight your charges in both court and at the DOL.  We care about your case and your future and desperately want to help you avoid a conviction that could follow you for many years! Call us today for a free consultation.

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Skagit County marijuana DUI lawyer who really understands driving under the influence of drug cases, contact the Law Firm of David N. Jolly today at (360) 293-2275 today for knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive defense. 

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As of December 6, 2012, the state of Washington enacted a specific Marijuana DUI statute which made driving after having a set limit of THC in the blood stream illegal.  The law also established an administrative licensing requirement in order for the driver to keep their license.  The law has changed to make law enforcement and courts treat marijuana DUIs the same way they driving under the influence of alcohol.  In Washington it is now unlawful for drivers to operate a motor vehicle with .05 nanograms or greater of THC in the blood stream as determined by an authorized blood draw and analysis. Those who are convicted under this statute will face the same DUI penalties as one convicted under the alcohol DUI statute. One major difference is that a blood test showing a level of THC greater than or equal to .05 will now require the Washington DOL to take an administrative action against the driver's license as it would for .08 or higher alcohol cases. If the action was upheld, it would mean a license suspension of 90 days to two years depending on the driver's history.  This law is new and unique and consequently not every attorney is qualified to defend those charged with this crime.  The attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly are highly qualified and experienced in defending marijuana DUI cases.  Call them now for more information.


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Skagit County drivers who who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana are in very real danger of facing an arrest by local law enforcement.   Washington State law now treat drug DUIs the same way as drinking and driving. In Washington the penalties are the same for alcohol and drug DUIs, which means a conviction requires mandatory jail in Skagit County jail, a license suspension, heavy fines, an increase in insurance premiums, and even the requirement of an ignition interlock device. Skagit County law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors are now far better equipped to deal with DUI of marijuana cases and have recently received additional education to deal with Washington's new laws. In Skagit County marijuana DUIs are treated very seriously so it is imperative to consult with an attorney who understands who to defend you in Anacortes Municipal Court, Burlington Municipal Court, Mount Vernon Municipal Court, Sedro Woolley Municipal Court and of course, Skagit County District Court.

If you have been arrested and have a court  date for the criminal charge of driving under the influence of marijuana you must hire an experienced and knowledgeable Skagit County DUI defense attorney to defend you in court. A DUI of marijuana conviction will result in the same harsh penalties as an alcohol DWI charge, namely fines, suspension of your driver’s license, a mandatory alcohol/drug evaluation, an ignition interlock device (even though it detects alcohol, not drugs) and of course, mandatory jail! 


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If you have been charged with a crime in Skagit County you need qualified and experienced legal counsel.  Your attorney will defend you in court and fight hard to get your case dismissed or reduced to a less serious offense.  However, you have a responsibility too and you would be well advised to start completing what may be requirements of the court early.  These requirements would include an alcohol and drug evaluation, an alcohol drug information school (ADIS class) and a DUI Victim Impact Panel.  The completion of these three obligations will likely reduce your probation, reduce your costs in court and even give your Skagit County DUI attorney greater leverage in procuring you a good deal. However, as mentioned many times marijuana cases tend to be complicated and without the assistance of a knowledgeable Skagit County Marijuana DUI attorney you will have a difficult time in court.

Defending a marijuana DUI in Skagit County is not as straight forward as fighting a regular driving under the influence case because there are subtle and even significant differences in the evidence that must be used by the State to prove a case. The difficulty lies in the fact that the majority of the evidence used by law enforcement to prove an individual is guilty of a marijuana DUI is the same evidence used in alcohol driving under the influence cases.  The problem is that many Skagit County DUI attorneys are not aware that these testing devices are alcohol specific and never tested to prove marijuana impairment.  Only an experienced Skagit County DUI lawyer who has studied marijuana impairment can defend you properly in court.  David Jolly is this person as he authored the first and only Marijuana DUI book in the country. Call him today for a free consultation.


If you have been arrested for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana (Marijuana DUI) in Skagit County, you must immediately seek advice from an experienced Skagit County Marijuana DUI Lawyer. We are those attorneys! With more than 20 years of DUI practice and having authored 20 DUI books, including the Drug DUI Handbook and the Marijuana DUI Handbook, we have the experience and knowledge you need on your side. We offer a wide range of DUI fees to accommodate virtually all budgets. Call our Mount Vernon DUI Law Firm for a FREE consultation.

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