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If you are facing a criminal charge in for a marijuana DUI in Lynnwood Municipal Court you have a tough road ahead.  Judge Moore is a no-nonsense Judge who displays little empathy for those appearing in his court.  This is one of many reasons you need aggressive and experienced representation and starts with one of our DUI attorneys.  Hiring Lynnwood Marijuana DUI attorney  David N. Jolly is your best defense and the smartest thing you can do to protect yourself in court.  He is the author of the award winning Drug DUI Handbook and the Marijuana DUI Handbook. No other Washington State attorney has authored a book specifically on drug DUIs and therefore no other attorney is as well qualified to defend you in court. Mr. Jolly and the other lawyers at the Firm understand what specific defense strategies work in defending these drug DUI cases.

Another reason why the Law Firm of David N. Jolly is your best defense to a DUI involving marijuana is that David Jolly was the Lynnwood prosecuting attorney for many years.  His experience for nearly four (4) years in the Lynnwood Municipal Court gives you the necessary knowledge and experience required to successfully fight your Lynnwood marijuana DUI.  Call him now for some free information from Snohomish County's best DUI attorney.

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As of December 6, 2012, the state of Washington enacted a specific Marijuana DUI statute which made driving after having a set limit of THC in the blood stream illegal. The law also established an administrative licensing requirement in order for the driver to keep their license. The law has changed to make law enforcement and courts treat marijuana DUIs the same way they driving under the influence of alcohol. In Washington it is now unlawful for drivers to operate a motor vehicle with .05 nanograms or greater of THC in the blood stream as determined by an authorized blood draw and analysis. Those who are convicted under this statute will face the same DUI penalties as one convicted under the alcohol DUI statute. One major difference is that a blood test showing a level of THC greater than or equal to .05 will now require the Washington DOL to take an administrative action against the driver's license as it would for .08 or higher alcohol cases. If the action was upheld, it would mean a license suspension of 90 days to two years depending on the driver's history. This law is unique to our State and very few defense attorneys really understand how to fight this crime. Because of the nature of the law it is even more critical your lawyer understands field sobriety tests, DREs (drug recognition experts) and how to challenge the blood draw. The attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly are highly qualified and experienced in defending marijuana DUI cases. Call them now for more information.


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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana you will likely not receive a court date from the Lynnwood police officer.  For most DUIs in Lynnwood you would receive written notice of a court date from the officer following your release from his or her custody or release from the Lynnwood Municipal Jail.  However, in DUI cases involving a blood draw the City of Lynnwood must first obtain the results from the State of Washington toxicology office.  This process may take many weeks.  Following your arrest it is very important you consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney as soon as possible following your release from custody.   Because of the change in laws, a DUI of marijuana conviction will result in the same penalties you would face if convicted of an alcohol DWI charge, so the Lynnwood Municipal Judge and City of Lynnwood prosecutor will take your case very seriously.


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Using and consuming marijuana in the State of Washington is now legal but driving after consuming it is not.  You run the risk of being arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana if you drive a motor vehicle in the City of Lynnwood, Snohomish County, after consuming marijuana.  You may feel fine and you may even feel more cautious after consuming marijuana, as many studies suggest, however, it is still illegal and carries the same penalties as an alcohol DUI.  If you are stopped by a City of Lynnwood police officer and he or she suspects you have consumed marijuana by your admission or by detecting the odor of marijuana, the officer will immediately proceed to investigate you for DUI.  Such an investigation is similar to a regular DUI investigation but also includes a drug recognition expert (DRE).  A DRE is usually on call in the City of Lynnwood and several Lynnwood Police Officers are DREs and highly trained to detect drug impairment.  Following an arrest for a marijuana DUI the officer will transport you to a local Lynnwood hospital or clinic for a blood draw. The blood draw will then determine the level of marijuana (THC) in your blood system.

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​​​​If you have been arrested for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana (Marijuana DUI) in the City of Lynnwood, you must immediately seek advice from an experienced Lynnwood Marijuana DUI Lawyer. We are those attorneys! With more than 20 years of DUI practice and having authored 14 DUI books, including the Drug DUI Handbook and the Marijuana DUI Handbook, we have the experience and knowledge you need on your side. Our Lynnwood DUI Law Firm offers a wide range of DUI fees to accommodate virtually all budgets. Call us for a FREE consultation.

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